More than 10 years ago Frog Music Press began composing and arranging music for the Rodgers organ and  MIDI orchestra, capitalizing on the matchup of the the organs with the Rodgers PR-300 MIDI Module which contained more than 300 MIDI voices and a fully-functional Sequencer. This 

During the past year alone we’ve transcribed works by John Cage for performance using a vintage MOOG Synth and digital organ stops; composed 10 books of easy music for organ and carillon, chimes or handbells; converted roughly 1,000 MIDI files to play from a USB drive; built a MIDI library of hymns and organ music for churches unable to find an organist, devised a system to painlessly convert pianists into organists and consulted with churches in need of advice on how to keep and organ playing when they cannot find an organist.


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Over the past few years, we have also orchestrated Marian chorale music and composed theme music for a Newman website praying the Rosary.

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Possibly to learn more about playing a Rodgers organ?

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Looking for music for a Catholic choir?

Seeking beginners books about Gregorian Chant?

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