More than 10 years ago Frog Music Press began composing and arranging music for the Rodgers organ and  MIDI orchestra, capitalizing on the matchup of the the organs with the Rodgers PR-300 MIDI Module which contained more than 300 MIDI voices and a fully-functional Sequencer. 

Today we continue our involvement with the PR-300, replacing the failing floppy disk drives with a modern  USB drive, extending the life of these very useful MIDI modules - especially for churches without organists.

We are very pleased now to be publishing music for Catholic organists and choirs.  More than half of our music is requested by Catholic churches, schools and monasteries  in Africa and Asia, which came as a surprise and is a great pleasure for us.

Invisible Organist™

• Solving the Organist Shortage

Organ Music with Registrations for Rodgers & other Organs

• Easy Hymn Preludes for Organ & Carillon, Chimes or Handbells

• Hymn Collections for Organ - Chorale Preludes, Introduction & Verses
   Richard Van Auken - Ken Williams - Mark Winchester – Noel Jones

Music for Catholic Organists

• Turning Pianists into Organists

• A Guide to Playing Hymns, 

• A Catholic Organist’s Book of Hymns

• The Catholic Organist’s Quarterly Series

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