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Churches that rely upon having the organ played by the PR-300 are experiencing failures of the Floppy Disk drives and loss of music as disks loose their magnetism.

We replace the old drive with a new USB drive and copy over all the music from the old floppy disks to the new drive.

Read about it here.

Rodgers Organs 

More than 10 years ago Frog Music Press began composing and arranging music for the Rodgers organ and  MIDI orchestra.

We then expanded into writing guides to playing the Rodgers organs and MIDI, that unlike owner’s manuals that tell you what the organ will do, ours were different.  We composed music and showed you how to use all the new features of the organs.  

For more than 15 years we have provided new manuals for each model of organ that came out.

Most recently we created the Playing the Organ Series of 5 books that explain in detail how to play the Roland and Rodgers Organs that appeared on the market 5 years ago and continue to be available today.  These books go deeply into operating the organ, playing music created for it and even to learning to voice stops in the organ library.

Gregorian Chant  & Catholic Choirboy Anthology


Having sung Gregorian chant for more than 1,200 Parish Masses, I have no aversion to chant, instead I believe very strongly in singing it.  It is the foundation of all Western music and a very strong part of organ literature.

It’s strength is that is is very simple to learn to sing.  A well-laid out parish music scheme permits the entire congregation to sing the Mass.  A choir or scola of ability is not held back by this simple music, as they have the option to sing more challenging chants for the chants of the day.

Enthusiasm for our first book by Jeffrey Tucker was the spark that resulted in three books for beginners, all month the top 10 books in the chant category on Amazon for more than five years.

Choral Music 

Four years as a director of music at a Catholic church resulted in the creation of a replacement for their music library, which consisted of one piece of music and copies for the choir - done without permission.  Compiling this choral book, we included hymns, choral music in English and Latin.  All of this music is available from free online sources.  Our collection is popular because we have put it in one book and the format is constant throughout - this means that each piece, even works that are normally sung unaccompanied, has a full piano/organ score at the bottom of each one.  This is important for directors who rely upon playing through music to get a feel for it.

Other Work 


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We undertake all kinds of projects - most recently we converted MIDI files for a Bud Light™ Peterson Beer Bottle Organ which plays from a Syndyne Pro-Filer Sequencer.

During the past year alone we’ve transcribed works by John Cage for performance using a vintage MOOG Synth and digital organ stops; composed 10 books of easy music for organ and carillon, chimes or handbells; converted roughly 1,000 MIDI files to play from a USB drive; built a MIDI library of hymns and organ music for churches unable to find an organist, devised a system to painlessly convert pianists into organists and consulted with churches in need of advice on how to keep and organ playing when they cannot find an organist.

Over the past few years, we have also orchestrated Marian chorale music and composed theme music for a Newman group movie of them praying the Rosary.

Don’t hesitate to email us or call for advice at the email address of phone numbers on the right.

We bring PR-300 MIDI Modules back to life!

We convert PR-300 MIDI Modules by replacing the floppy drive with a USB drive.

Full information here.

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