A Catholic Organist’s Series

A Catholic Organist's Guide to Playing Hymns

A Catholic Organist's Book of Hymns

Looking for Organists in All the Wrong Places

Playing the Church Organ

Eucharistic Hymns - Benediction - Hymns To Mary

Catholic Choral Music

The Catholic Choirbook Anthology 1

The Catholic Choirbook I

The Catholic Choirbook 2

The Catholic Choirbook 3

The Catholic Choirbook 4

The Catholic Choirbook 5

Gregorian Chant

If You Can Sing “Joy to the World” You Can Learn To Read And Sing Gregorian Chant

A Gregorian Chant Coloring Book For Children & Adults - Student

A Gregorian Chant Coloring Book For Children & Adults - Teacher

Ein Gregorianik Ausmalbuch fur Kinder ünd Erwachsene 

A Beginner's Guide To Reading Gregorian Chant Notation

Guia para Principiates en Canto Gregoriano Escritura

A Beginner's Guide To Singing Gregorian Chant Notation, Rhythm and Solfeggio

Playing Rodgers & Roland Organs

Playing Guide to the Rodgers PDI Organs

Playing Guide to the Rodgers Insignia and Allegiant Organs

A Playing Guide To The Rodgers Trillium Organs

Playing the Church Organ  Complete 5 book series
Mastering playing the current Rodgers Classic, Artist and Infinity Organs.
Music for Organ & Carillon, Chimes or Handbell Choir

Organ Music available on Sheet Music Plus

MIDI & Rodgers Organs

Rodgers PR-300 MIDI MODULE  Floppy to USB Conversion

Syndyne Pro-Filer Sequencer Records and plays an organ automatically.

Playing MIDI Live at the Rodgers Organ

Playing MIDI Live At The Rodgers Insignia & Allegiant Organs and the MX-200

Playing MIDI Live At The Rodgers PDI Organs and the MX-200

Playing Midi Live At The Rodgers Trillium Organ & Mx-200 Midi Module

Using Your PR-300 USB Emulator & Software

Using The Rodgers PR-300 MIDI Voice Module & Sequencer

Using the Roland Integra-7 - Playing the Church Organ Book 10 

Using the Roland Integra-7 Playing the Church Organ Book 10a Organs built before 2010

The Temperamental Bach & Mr. Purcell CD’s 
Landmark recordings for comparing tuning temperaments using Rodgers & Roland Instruments

Can’t Find an Organist? 
Looking for Organist’s in All the Wrong Places

Other Projects

Cello Scores published for Teachers

Stave Breakthrough™ 
Turns reading music into thinking music™.

The Bow-Right ™ Cellodapte

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