Music for the Catholic Church
Gregorian Chant Beginner’s Books
The Catholic Choirbook Series
A Catholic Organist’s Book of Hymns Project
Catholic Hymn Collections

Organ Class 1750 - pending release
Making Music Playing Hymns - pending release

Music Engraving & Production
Custom Hymnal Creation & Publishing
Limited Vision Music 


Rodgers & Roland Books & Music
Books & Training Guides for Current Organs
Books & Training Guides - Organs 1990-2010
Organ Music with Rodgers Registrations
An Organist’s Book of Hymns Project
Organ Class 1750 - pending release
Making Music Playing Hymns 
- pending release


Rodgers MIDI Modules
MIDI Module Guide + Demo Files
Music for Organ & MIDI Performance

MIDI Performances including Bach Works
Rodgers PR-300 USB Drive Floppy Drive Replacement
Syndyne Organ Sequencer Module with USB Drive

Organ Hardware
Custom Engraved Stops & Drawknobs 

Users Groups

Rodgers Organs
Rodgers & Roland Classic, Artist & Infinity Organs

Compact Disks

The Temperamental Bach & Purcell

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