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For Choirs

The Catholic Choirbook Series

The Catholic Choirbook Anthology 1 (compiled from books 1-5 below with added hymns section)  Info  Buy 

The Catholic Choirbook Book 1 General $12.95
The Catholic Choirbook Book 2 Tantum Ergo $12,95
The Catholic Choirbook Book 3 Cantate  $12,95
The Catholic Choirbook Book 4 Locus Iste $12,95
The Catholic Choirbook Book 5 Ave Maria  $12,95

Eucharistic Hymns, Benediction and Hymns to Mary $19,95


A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Gregorian Chant $12.95
Guia para Principiates en Canto Gregoriano Escritura $14.95

A Beginner’s Guide To Reading Gregorian Chant Notation, Rhythm and Solfeggio $21.95

A Gregorian Chant Coloring Book for Children & Adults $19.95

A Gregorian Chant Coloring Book for Children & Adults Teacher’s Book $24.95

If You Can Sing Joy to the World You can Learn to Read and Sing Gregorian Chant $24.95
          Free Chant School, Home School Curriculum and Videos
Gregorian Chant Staff Notation Book $9.95

For Catholic Organists

The Liturgical Year I $34.50
The Liturgical Year II $34.50

A Catholic Organist’s Guide to Playing Hymns $34.50

Playing the Church Organ Book 1 $34.50

For Catholic Cantors

Gospel Alleluias in Anglican Chant - New Revised Grail Texts Free Download

Responsorial Psalms in Anglican Chant - New Revised Grail Psalms Free Download


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