Review  •  26 Acompañamientos Fáciles de Himnos y Preludios para Órgano o Teclado

Thanks for the collection, I love it. Sending came at the right time for me. I have been disabled for about 3 months with a herniated disc and sciatica. Could not get on the organ bench here at home. Had no desire to play, pretty tripped out on pain meds. This spring I took an interim position in a Catholic Church. I had planned to stay from April to the end of August. The organist had quit abruptly and they had no one to guide them through Lent and Easter. There I was for them and they were paying me quite well. I had to stop playing in June, could not climb the stairs.

The good news is that the surgery was a success and I am trying to get my keyboard skills back. This collection is just the right thing for me. Still a little stiff in the right leg. I am going to show the collection to an organist friend of mine who is also a world language teacher. Very conservative. I know he will enjoy the spanish pages. we do have a large spanish population in the area. Often in services we are called to “cover the action”  as one priest calls it. These pieces can do the trick. People love to hear something familiar at church and they do listen (probably to count my mistakes). I recently had a women ask me who wrote the prelude piece I played. I said Buxtehude . She said Bux- ta who, is he someone new. You have to laugh, noel.

Thanks again,