YAMAHA MDF2 & MDF3 Floppy Drive Conversion to USB

The Yamaha conversion is simpler than the conversion of the Rodgers PR-300 and, as a result, is less expensive.

$295 for the conversion, including return shipping.


YAMAHA MDF Module running with the replacement USB Drive • The USB Flash Drive may have a different appearance than shown.

Quite simply, we dissasemble your MDF, unplug the old floppy drive, and plug in the new USB drive and then put it back together.

Then we copy up to 25 floppies to two USB Flash Drives, one to use and one as a back up.
Additional floppies copied for $5 each.

We provide daily support from 9 to 9 EST by phone and email.

See more details here - you may print out this form for sharing with decision makers as needed.

This drive was designed by an electronics engineer specifically for MIDI Musical devices.