Syndyne Pro-Filer Organ Sequencer - USB

Full Product Details    


Includes instructional videos explaining the operation of the Pro-Filer.

Price: $950.00 - FREE SHIPPING in the USA!*

NEW Remote Control


3.5 inch color  display with touch screen
 Brightness adjustment
Name songs up to 8 characters

Create play lists of songs
Play, rewind, fast-forward, stop, and record MIDI songs
Records directly to its  drive
View music in folders on a PC for easier organization

Compact design for low profile installation
Plays standard MIDI Type 0 files (SMF)
• Compatible with Rodgers and all other organs, including pipe organs.
• One Year Warranty

An excellent record and play the organ module, can be held in one hand, nice and compact to sit on the organ console.

       Price: $950.00   Free Shipping in the USA!*

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Short and Useful Videos! 

Overview of the Pro-Filer

Connecting to the organ

Operating the Pro-Filer

Find and Open a Song

Play a Song

Creating a New Song

Recording a Song

Create a Playlist

Playing a Playlist

Editing a Playlist


*Free shipping is an introductory offer for this new version of the Pro-Filer and subject to cancellation at any time.