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A large and growing collection of hymns arranged for the organ, making it easier to play them without studying with an organ teacher, especially valuable where organ teachers are not available.

Hymns may be downloaded or even purchased as printed books.

Click on the link you received by email when you subscribed.  It will take you to the page shown below.  Email me at noel@frogmusic if the link is not working, please.

Downloadable music pages: The blue folders take you to PDF’s of each of the hymns available to you.  More are added almost daily.

Downloadable collections of the music pages: There links on the page with pink type on them - these are complete copies of two books in a series called The Liturgical Year. You may download the books - the standard book and the Catholic version [which includes some hymns and chants only used in the Catholic, Anglican and Episcopal churches and the advice page section at the end of the book is oriented towards the use in these churches.]  

More than 100 hymns in both 3 part versions for organ and chorale preludes on the hymn tune are collected in the two available Book of Hymns - these are linked from the pages with piny type on them.  They include registration suggestions for each hymn and each chorale prelude.  These books are free for you to download and use.

These books may also be purchased printed and bound.  Contact me,, for special pricing for subscribers.

We will shortly have 200 hymns available and will be producing the second book, The Liturgical Year II with the new ones in it with registrations.

See below for more information.

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Clicking on the headings NAME and MODIFIED in the folders to sort the hymns - MODIFIED can show the most recent hymns added.

Search for the TUNE by choosing SEARCH up in the box on the right side of the page.

A hymn has two parts - the text and the music. 

Hymn tunes have their own names, which appears in all capitals.  

Below we have O Come, All Ye Faithful and just under the title is the tune name ADESTE FIDELES.

Why should a tune have its own name?  

A few hymns, like O Come All Ye Faithful, are tied forever to a tune. 

The tune HYFRODOL serves many different texts - Alleluia, Sing to Jesus is just one of many.

This collections lists the music by the TUNE name to make it easy to find the right music to play for the hymn you are going to be singing. 

What are the numbers that appear often with the tune name?

If a hymn text is appropriate for use at services but the people are not familiar with the tune, there is an easy way to search for an alternate tune that they already know.

To the right of the tune name ADESTE FIDELES the series of numbers - - is the syllabic structure of the text. These numeric listings may be searched in the back of most hymnals to find a matching tune that the text may be sung to by the congregation.

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