The Catholic Choirbook 2  Tantum Ergo • Choral Music


Choral Works for the Liturgy in a large format book for ease of reading in dim choir lofts, includes music from easy to advanced levels to help a choir grow in ability. 

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Miserere Mei * Tomás Luis de Victoria
A Prayer Of King Henry IV * Henry G. Ley
Psalm 130 * Walford Davies
Crux Fidelis * King John IV of Portugal
Crucifixus * Antonio Lotti
Hear My Prayer, O Lord * Henry Purcell
God So Loved The World * John Goss
God So Loved The World * John Stainer
Ave Verum Corpus * William Byrd
Agnus Dei * Jeffrey Ostrowski/Allegri
Jesu Dulcis Memoria * Tomás Luis de Victoria
Tenebrae Factae Sunt * Marc' Antonia Ingegneri
Domine Deus * Antonio Lucio Vivaldi
Throwned Upon The Awe-Full Tree * Christopher The
There is a Green Hill Far Away * William Horsley
Remember, Remember Not, Lord * Henry Purcell
Stabat Mater * Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
Salvator Mundi * Thomas Tallis
Hoc Corpus * Melchor Robledo
Christus Factus Est * Anton Bruckner
Lord, We Beseech Thee * Adrien Batten
Verily, Verily I say Unto You * Thomas Tallis
Tantum Ergo * Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Tantum Ergo * Déodat de Sévrác
Tantum Ergo * Kevin Allen