The Catholic Choirbook  3  Cantate • Choral Music


Works for the Liturgy in a large format book for ease of reading in dim choir lofts, includes music from easy to advanced levels to help a choir grow in ability. 

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Cantate Domino * Giuseppi Pitoni
Cantate Domino * Hans Leo Hassler
Cantate Domino * Daniel Friderici
Cantate Domino * Giovanni Andrea Cima
Cantate Domino * Giovanni Croce
Cantate Domino * Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Coelus Ascendit Hodie * Charles Villiers Stanford
Come Let's Rejoice * John Amner
Ego Sum Panis Vivus * Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Give Alms Of Thy Goods * Christopher 
If Ye Love Me * Thomas Tallis
Jubilate Deo * Giovanni Gabrielli
Let Thy Merciful Ears * Thomas Mudd
Lord For Thy Tender Mercy's Sake * Richard Farrant
O Magnum Mysterium * Tomás Luis de Victoria
Sing Joyfully * William Byrd