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The successful organist uses many different stops to draw attention to the organ, including chimes and bells. Organ music should never be boring or it becomes just part of the background and does not lead people in worship.

 Composer Noel Jones is an Associate of the American Guild of Organists and has worked as church musician in the United States and Europe.  He was organist for the Church Center for the United Nations and accompanied the United Nations Singers in concert. 

Gregorian Chant for Beginners Resources

Catholic Choirbook Anthology A collection of anthems and hymns

Music for Organ & Carillon, Chimes or Handbell Choir

Can’t Find an Organist? 
MIDI Organ Music & Resources
Looking for Organist’s in All the Wrong Places

Rodgers PR-300 Floppy to USB Conversion

Syndyne Pro-Filer Sequencer
 Plays an organ automatically.
MIDI Organ Music & Resources

Rodgers Organ Books, Music and Playing Guides

Playing the Church Organ

Huge Organ Music Collection available on Sheet Music Plus

Cello Scores published for Teachers

Stave Breakthrough™ 
Turns reading music into thinking music™.

The Temperamental Bach & Mr. Purcell CD’s 
Landmark recordings for comparing tuning temperaments

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