Is this "like a handbell group"?

Handbell groups tend to be performance oriented, combining people of varying musical abilities into a musical group. Keys ToThe Organ does offer performance ensembles, however, all ensembles are involved in continuing study and improvement of music skills at the keyboard.

Basic Music Skills is group music instruction.

Built upon Dr. Grapenthin's experience studying with Robert Pace, combined with her background as an organist..  Dr. Grapenthin has built a program in which each person participates and builds their musical understanding and abilities.   All students are evaluated and placed in groups that challenge them.   While the group may perform, the goal continues to be raising the musical understanding and ability of each member, progressing through structured lessons.

Is the goal to create more church organists?
The goal is to teach basic music reading skills and keyboard proficiency, using the organ because it is the least demanding of all keyboard instruments.  Some students will be challenged and may pursue further study of the organ.  Some will go on to study piano, strings, brass, woodwinds or voice, all based upon the basic skills that they have learned.

This is a different approach.  This program is not created to convince people to become organists.  Instead it is designed to help them understand how to read music, how to produce and control musical sound and the manual coordination needed for this task.

If there is an underlying goal, it is to expose people to the organ as an instrument.  These people will carry with them throughout their lives an understanding of the instrument and an appreciation for it as the instrument that got them their start in music.  

Hardware: The Organ and Keyboards

Teachers need an organ and six keyboards for this program.

Any organ with stops and six consumer or MIDI keyboards will work. 

Our materials include suggested registrations and and has teaching goals of acquainting students with classic pipe organ registration.

Roland & Rodgers together offer a package of an organ and keyboards which is available in some locations. Certain programs at times exist which may apply that can make this very affordable.

Software: Books, Videos, USB Drives

We offer all the student books, teacher's guides, and electronic files that teachers need to be successful.

In addition, we assist teachers and locations with materials and guides that can work to make your lab successful, creating young and old musicians that will go on to share the love for music.

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