Dr. Ina Grapenthin trains teachers who want to teach establish Organ Lab groups.  The teacher is the key to the success of the Organ Lab program.  

The teacher may take advantage of live instruction or, when distance or circumstances precludes this, online study.  This course, in some cases, may be taken for credit.  

Teachers are certified and maintain their certification through ongoing participation in the program under Dr. Grapenthin.

Master Teachers are ones that not only teach classes but also teach other teachers, establishing centers for study.   Classes are organized, the students evaluated and careful attention paid to their progress by the teacher and Dr. Grapenthin.Dr. Grapenthin’s teacher certification program involves classroom or online study as well as participation in a discussion support group for teachers of Dr. Ina Grapenthin’s Keys to The Organ course.

The student music workbook and materials are the tip of the iceberg; the teacher's guide to teaching basic skills along with teacher education and ongoing 

The success of the students in based upon the success of the  teacher, something we help guarantee as we support the teacher in development as well as management of the school.

Teachers are trained in the course study which is based upon trusted techniques of teaching keyboard in a class environment.  Having studied under the modern founder of classroom drop piano instruction Robert Pace, Dr. Grapenthin is uniquely oriented to build this rather innovative program of organ study.

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