The better way

A church contacted us from the southwest USA.  Their organist had to be away on many weekends to help a family a distance away.  She’d recorded some of the hymns they needed, but they needed more.

We worked out a system, recording hymns for them, but not including Stop Registrations or Volume MIDI information.  The organist had set the stop pistons on the organ in “graduated” order, meaning that Piston 1 was soft and each higher numbered pistons, when pressed got fuller and brighter.

A volunteer sits at the organ each Sunday, chooses the hymn and, from notes, presses the correct piston for the stops and sets the volume pedals and then presses PLAY.

Now they are hearing their organ and its stops playing and the volunteer can adjust the volume pedals to make sure the volume is best for the singing of hymns as well as organ music for the day.

The volunteer can even change the tempo when needed.

We have a number of churches now playing the organ this way each week and they are reporting on the success of this and their satisfaction.

Finding a person to sit on the bench.

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