No organist?

This is being a common problem. Why?

Families that would have bought a piano and invested in lessons are buying inexpensive keyboards to see if their student “takes to it”.  They  don’t understand that music is an interaction between a teacher or mentor and a student. The keyboard ends up in the attic or Goodwill store.  If they had purchased a piano, they’d have been more apt to also spend some money getting lessons.

Pastor’s pay has increased over the years, while churches ignore the organist’s need to make money.   As people realize this and choose a different major at college, organ is no longer taught.

Churches are mindlessly destroying the acoustics of their buildings, putting carpet over wood or tile floors and cushions on the hard pews.  The organ is suddenly too loud and too bright and organists are no longer attracted to play it.

What do we do?

To get the organ playing again, you may use MIDI on many organs.  MIDI can play the organ for you.

Where do I get the hymns and organ music to play?

We have a growing library, increasing each week as pastor’s call us with hymn for the next Sunday.

You pay $15 a hymn and they become part of your own music library.

This can create new organists.

We have a system that uses MIDI, gets your organ playing again and also works to create organists.

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