No Organist?

It happens.  And often when you least expect it.

Frog Music offers these services:

• Custom MIDI Recordings of Hymns and Anthems

More than 250 Hymns now in the library!

This is our newest service.  You tell us what you want recorded and we act as your organist and play it for you just as your organist would, be we are doing it from miles away.

How this works:  For a reasonable fee [hymns - $15 each] we record the music and send it to you as an attachment to an email.  You then save it to a floppy disk or a USB drive....whichever one suits the organ you have.  If you prefer, we can also mail you the music on a USB drive or floppy disk for an additional charge. 

You pay us for the time we spend.  We do not sell the music to you, you already own it.  We just play it for you as your organist would do. In fact, we become your organist!

Fast turnaround time.

Email us and let us know what you need done for a quote.  

• Collections of music that play the Rodgers Organ from our Invisible Organist Series

Hymns, Bach, Vierne and more..

Picture of Organ

Cutaway of Mechanical Action Pipe Organ