PR-300 Floppy Drive USB Emulator

Today church organists are discovering that their floppy disks don't work and they are losing hours and hours of music that they have recorded and purchased.  Why is this happening?

Two reasons:

• The floppy disk drive heads are failing.  

• Floppy disks themselves lose magnetism as they age and notes begins to drop out.

Floppy disk drives are no longer being manufactured - Rodgers stock of replacement drives was down to 42 the last time we checked.

Floppy disks that you purchase today are all from old stock and are unreliable as well.

The solution:

There is nothing else wrong with the PR-300. So we replace the old floppy disk drive with a new USB drive and load the music from your floppies onto new USD Memory Sticks - also called Thumbdrives.

How this works:

You take a picture of the back of the PR-300 with cables still attached - Send us the picture.
You label each of the 5 wires plugged into the PR before you disconnect them.
You copy all the floppy disks you have (a USB floppy disk drive at Amazon costs less that $15) and save the files to a computer, mailing copies of them to us at
You take the PR-300 - ONLY the PR-300 - to the post office and put it in a flat rate box which has tracking.  You ship it to us.  (take a little newspaper or bubble wrap to cushion it.)

• Pay close attention the labeling of the cables - use the picture the help plug them back in.
• If the PR is in a drawer, remove the four brass screws to get it free.

What we do:

We test the PR when it arrives.
We take out the floppy disk driven and install the new USB drive.
We install a replacement lithium battery (you didn't know it had a battery, right?)
We install a new, faster CPU, this also turns any PR-300 Models into  PR-300S models.
We copy all the Floppy Disk files you send us onto a USB MEMORY STICK.
We make an extra 
USB MEMORY STICK as a backup for you.
We test and then ship back to you.

Included are two of our books:  
Using the Emulator Drive and its computer software (for a PC).
Using the Rodgers PR-300

Price: $677.00

• Order form to fill out and send.

• Pay here or send a check with the PR.

Return Shipping: Included in price.
We normally get it back to you in 7 to 10 days in most cases.

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 If you use it every Sunday, we can arrange to ship you a temporary PR to use while yours is being converted.  Contact us for details.

We welcome your calls and questions:  
9 AM to 9 PM EST.

606 756 7979 - or 423 333 0947 cell

Having other problems with your PR ?
We also repair PR-300 units.  Use  the form above and mention the problems so that we can evaluate and give you an estimate.  

Only ship the PR.  No Cables, no power supply...

Ship your PR to:

Noel Jones
Frog Music Press
636 Old 19
Augusta, KY 41002

SHIP by the US Post Office!  Tracking is included in flat rate priority.

Got Questions?

A picture of the first shipment of PR-300 Emulator Drives arriving in the USA in 2013.

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