Using the USB Drive

The USB drive on the Roland is very useful.  

Here will format it and load a lot of information to it from Frog Music Press, some of it is bound to surprise you as we work through it!

First, you need to format the drive in the organ.  The one that arrives with the new organ is not formatted. If you do not have a Roland USB, almost any USB will work - needs to be at least 2 GB.  We have failed to exceed the memory of an 8GB, so anywhere between 2 and 8GB drive will be fine.

To do this load, THE USB IS INSERTED in the organ on each step EXCEPT for step 3.  
Plug it into your computer for step 3 and back in the organ for step 4.

1. Insert USB drive in Organ USB Socket.                                                           

2. Format it in the Organ.                                                                                     

Now add the Frog Music Press 34 MIDI Files to hear the organ play the music in the book as well as the preset pistons for the Playing the Church Organ Books 1-4.  This information for the Roland Classic Organs is in the file, available to owners of the books free.  Do the transfer using the instructions in the next video:

3. Load MIDI files, Pistons and more from the computer to the USB Drive.  

4. Playing the MIDI Songs on the Organ.                                                               

5. Loading the FMP PTCO book pistons to the organ  USB drive      

How to back up all your organ settings to the USB for storage.

Backing up the Organ to USB.                                                                           [USB inserted in Organ]