Our Gregorian Chant, Choir & Hymn Books.

Gregorian Chant is the music of the people. It is not hard to read and sing.

That was the goal of the composers centuries ago, to create music that was beautiful to sing, reflected the word patterns and with a sound that carried throughout the church. But it had to be singable by the average person.

The church created chant on different levels, for different feasts but also for different levels of singing ability.  More florid chants, florid meaning more and more notes on a syllable,  were written to challenge singers to seek perfection.

These three Gregorian Chant books are consistently among the top ten purchased books about Gregorian Chant on Amazon.com.

But perfection also exists when singing the simpler chants.  Nothing is more beautify than the simple chants of the Requiem Mass, which have inspirited composers of the years to insert in their modern works.

But, how to get started? 

Learning to read the notes.


A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Gregorian Chant.    View a Video Introduction
Early chant notes were written very large on a single page and hung on a stand for the entire choir to see and sing.  Today’s modern editions make the notes small and they can be hard to read until your brain is able to easily recognize them. And that’s exactly what this book does!  Spanish Version available.  

Understanding and enjoying the moving clefs, road signs of chant.

A Gregorian Chant Coloring Book for Children and Adults.    Chant scribes once drew green lines for DO and red for FA, making it fast and simple to learn the notes and clefs.  All chants in English - this speeds up the learning process - here you can wear your music hat and put your Latin hat on another day. German Version also available.   MORE

Singing the chants.


If You Can Sing Joy to the World You Can Learn to Read & Sing Gregorian Chant An easy way to learn chant, focusing only on singing the notes, singing chant in English. 

Free Chant School For all ages.
Curriculum for Home Schooling
Free Video Lessons (replacing earlier audio lessons)

For your schola and choirs.


Choirbooks for Catholic Choirs including hymns and anthems in Latin and English.  5 volumes plus an Anthology  from all 5.  Affordable paperback editions, plus optional hardbound copies of the Anthology I.  Developed over a 4 year period in a Catholic Parish.

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Let us create a hymnal for your parish.

We create and print custom hymnals for parishes, drawing upon our large hymn library.  Interest in the traditional hymns has also caused us to offer collections of Eucharistic hymns, Hymns to Mary and Benediction hymns.

We are pleased to have been engaged to engrave all the music in modern notation in the Ignatius Press Pew Missal.

Hymns for your organist.


A Catholic Organist’s Book of Hymns is a new concept - hymns written out as they should be to be played by the organist to support the singing, plus less difficult simpler 3 part arrangements as well as chorale preludes for introducing the hymn to the congregations weeks prior to the first singing.

The Chorale Preludes are  one page musical meditations on the melodies of the hymns.

Playing the organ for beginners.

Organ Class 1750LOGO

Organ Class 1750 is an online organ course for people who do not play piano and may or may not read music. It is currently in test.  Click here to request information when this becomes available.

Hymn Playing for Catholic Organists  - In Development

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