Free Chant School Class

If You Can Sing Joy to the World You Can Learn to Read and Sing Gregorian Chant

Gregorian Chant with English Text

The Video Lessons below include chants sung by Matthew Curtis.

• Video Lessons  Download Quicktime Video Chant School Class

We have replaced the original individual audio lessons with a full-length video of pages with audio for you to use on your computer, iPhone or other device.

Downloading the Video:
This is a self-teaching method for use when a teacher is not available.This is a large file - 451 MB - and will take time to download.  

When the opening slide appears, wait about 20 seconds then press the spacebar to move from slide to slide. There is no sound on the first 5 slides.

On slide 6, you will hear a note played on piano - if not, adjust the volume on your computer.If you have any problems with the file, make sure that the entire 451 MB file has downloaded.

Note that on some computer systems each slide takes a few seconds to load after the last one has played and you may need to press the spacebar more than once to trigger the next slide.

*Quicktime is a free program download for the MAC or PC