Hymn Books


Custom hymnals created for your parish, affordable with paperback or hardbound, professionally music engraved and typeset.

They are surprisingly affordable - production costs as little as $4,50 a page, $12.50 for copyright hymns - and printing costs are also quite reasonable. We are told that our quality of workmanship is quite high - we recently were engaged to  engrave music for a new hymnal by a major publisher.

Hymn Collections by Frog Music Press


Eucharistic Hymnal    Favorite Communion hymns in English and Latin from the last 100 years.  These hymns were taken from Catholic hymnals from Australia, the USA and UK.


Hymns to Mary, many that you know, some that you will enjoy getting to know.  

Here we combine Eucharistic Hymns and Hymns to Mary and add Benediction Hymns all in one book for ease of handling and storage.

Hymnbooks are written for singers - our A Catholic Organist’s Book of Hymns adds:
• Rests for breathing
• Notes  written out for organ instead of singing.
• Suggested registrations of stops included for each hymn.
• A three part - easier to play - version of each hymn
• A Chorale Prelude based on each hymn tune to introduce it on Sundays weeks before the first time you sing the new hymn.  Preludes may also be used to introduce the singing of all-known hymns as well.

• Link to our AMAZON Hymn Collection Store

Here are quite a few useful hymnbooks and other books we find useful.