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Gregorian Chant

A Beginner's Guide to Reading Gregorian Chant Notation

If You Can Sing Joy to the World You Can Learn to Read and Sing Gregorian Chant
Also download the Free Chant School Video and materials for this book here.

A Gregorian Chant Coloring Book for Children & Adults - Student

A Gregorian Chant Coloring Book for Children & Adults - Teacher

Catholic Music for Choirs - Anthems, Motets & Hymns - Latin & English

The Catholic Choirbook Anthology I  (This is created of selections from the five books below.)

• The Catholic Choirbook 1 - General (Includes favorite hymns from pre-Vatican II)
• The Catholic Choirbook 2 - Tantum Ergo
• The Catholic Choirbook 3 - Cantate
• The Catholic Choirbook 4 - Locus Iste
• The Catholic Choirbook 5 - Gratia Plena

Traditional Catholic Hymns

Eucharistic, Benediction & Hymns to Mary
This is three books in one.

Not everyone can afford to buy music….especially when working at a Catholic church.  If you'd like to make a donation, even just a dollar helps.

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