Custom Engraved Stops, Knobs and Pistons

This drawknob stem is built to be used in place of the standard Rodgers lighted draw knobs and is compatible with all models using the standard lighted draw knobs.

Replacement of the existing Rodgers stem is easy to do, and it will use your existing draw knob face. You can do all this seated at the organ - no need to take anything apart. 

Pricing is $8.75 a drawknob stem including shipping in the USA - slightly more overseas and the Americas.

Blank and engraved draw knob faces and rocker tables also available. Contact us for details.

There is a small tool needed that you may purchase for $4 or so - we will provide instructions when you order.

This is built with a similar material to the standard Rodgers draw knob and has the same long expected usage/life.

Sample  stem:  ORDER - 1 for $14.95 with shipping included.

Multiple stems: ORDER Info for 2 or more - $8.75 each shipping included



Shipping and handling, $15.  

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Individual stops may be special ordered - contact us for pricing.

English names for divisions to replace European Roman numeral division numbering.

Set 1 • $47.10

• 2 Name Plates



• 3 Stop Rocker Tablets

Swell to Great

Swell to Pedal

Great to Pedal

To convert III manual consoles.

Set 2 • Stop Rocker Tablets • $39.20

• 1 Name Plate


• 3 Stop Rocker Tablets

Choir to Great

Choir to Pedal

Swell to Choir

Taking advantage of the ability to customize your stop list?

The voicing of the organ is based upon the 8 Diapason stop in the Great.  Here you may show the client that the client may choose any of the four stops that may be accessed by each stop on this organ to build their own stop list.

As further confirmation, they may see and hear the choice of reeds on the Great and the Swell - many in the US prefer an Oboe or Hautbois over the standard Schalmei as well as a Tierce instead of the Sesquialtera.

Set 3 • 8 Stop Rocker Tablets • $88.20


Open Diapason 8

Montre 8

Prinzipal 8

Cromorne 8

Waldhorn 8

Trompette 8


Tierce 1 3/5

Oboe 8

Hautbois 8

Trompette 8 [unless used in Swell]

For the use of the MIDI Module INTEGRA-7 in a church where it is primarily used for just a few standard voices.

 This package is very useful for a church with an Integra-7 or other MIDI Module used in Blended Worship - these replace the USER/MIDI tablets - and the organ is programmed to boot up with these voices. Custom engraving available.  The USER/MIDI tablets continue to function normally.  Two Manual Organs ONLY.

Set 4  • 6 Stop Rocker Tablets • $58.80

String Bass A

Timpani B

Grand Piano A

Choir B

Classical Guitar A

String Section B

Individual stops available, custom engraving available. Contact for details

All tabs and plates are engraved.