Before you go to try out a new Rodgers/Roland

Roland Classic 300 Series & Rodgers 500

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Call ahead and make an appointment. Here's why. Sitting down at the organ or keyboard you can definitely try out the stops and sounds but you may miss out on the wealth and riches of the Organ Stop Library in the organ. So call ahead and make sure that there will be someone there that will be able to ship how to use the stops AND the internal Organ Stop LIbrary and explain the stop library and how you can use it to enhance your playing.

You may end up visiting someone who owns one that the dealer recommends….you really, really need to get a full demonstration to be able to see if these organs and keyboards meet your musical needs.


PS: You may call me or email me for help and advice…there's never any charge.  I am working with churches in a number of the states of the US and more than one overseas right now to make sure that they get a complete, full demonstration of these great new organs.

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