Before you try out a C-330.

I know that before I wrote to tell you to call the dealer and make sure that there will be someone there to demonstrate the organ to you, someone who could explain the instrument and what it can do.

Last week I had the opportunity to demonstrate a C-330 for a factory representative who was rather surprised by something that I did.  We'd moved the C-330 up against an old upright piano.  The little speakers were on top the organ, facing the organist.  The rep mentioned that they are better facing up and we tried that.

But then…

I moved the two little speakers up on top of the upright piano, facing the organist.

HUGE difference.  As you can see, the engineers in Japan gave a recommendation that too many poeple have totally ignored.  This instrument is designed to place a sound field around the organist using these speakers up in the air and the speakers under the keyboards.  Installed this way, it could even serve a chapel or church….

So, today's suggestion is that before you go to try out a C-330, make sure that there is someone there who can explain the organ to you and that the satellite speakers are placed up in the air facing the organist the way it shows in the owner's manual.

You will be doing the dealer a favor….when these speakers are up where they belong, it's an exciting organ to play.

I have to add that not having the stereo cable draped across the living room sort of eased the situation here…very small house….

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