Casework 2

I've heard some comments about the durability of the case on the Roland C-330 Organ that irritated me.  I was very pleased to tour with a Roland Classic Series Harpsichord...and touring means nicks, bumps and actual dents, especially with a lighter instrument like the Harpsichord and the C-330.

The harpsichord suffered some abuse and when I sold looked brand new. The side where it got bashed in (ok, I know you should have two people pick it up and carry it....but I was in a hurry) I easily replaced along with teh strip of wood under the the keyboard that didn't quite make it through a doorway one night.  (ok, I was tired and...)

Imagine buying a car which, if you damaged the fender, you could just swap it out for a new fender, much less expensive than having it pounded out, filled with Bondo, sanded, painted with primer, then the final color....the C-330 is built so that all casework can be taken off and replaced.

While Rodgers Organs are built to be solid, long lasting pieces of furniture, these organs and other classic instruments are designed to be useful, as light as possible  and easy to bring back to a like-new status.

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