Posting again…

I've been working with the Roland C-30 harpsichord, creating a presentation on playing the harpsichord and exploring the French and Flemish harpsichords, both with 8, 8, 4, and Lute stops.  These instruments are based on samples of historic instruments at the famed music instrument museum at Hamamatsu Jaoan.  It also has an organ flute, principals 8', 4', a fortepiano and celesta.

At the same time I have been spending time on the phone and the internet with a churcvh that has purchased a C-200 organ keyboard, which is playing through their digital organ (not a Rodgers) and using the speaker system to very impressive results.

And finally, I've been immersed in playing and writing about the C-330.  When I got it here I ran a set of cables to play it through the Bose system I've put together for this purpose.  I can tell you that it was a surprise to find that I did not need to use that system.  Next message should explain that.

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