The sound flexibility of the organs

Stopped by to move the organ off the stage of the university at noon, and ran into the man in charge of the facility.  He was absolutely amazed at the small size of the organ, and the huge sound when it is played through their sound system and the fact that it could be played through their sound system without having banks of speakers taking up space on their stage.

Rodgers has for at least 20 years always made headphone jacks standard and audio outputs in stereo available on the organs without taking the backs off or any extra costs.

It always improves the sound of an internal speaker organ to add external speakers to it, using your home stereo or even better, a home theater surround sound system can be an affordable option.

How much does it cost to add a headphone jack to an organ?  A couple of bucks. Especially when it's a standard item.

Want to record the sound of your Rodgers?  instead of microphones, connect direct for the AUDIO OUT L and R and get the full and rich sound including reverberation using your audio recording software.

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