Teacher Certification

Why should we check qnd make sure that our teacher is a certified teacher in good standing?

We all know the name of an excellent music system that has produced stars of the concert tags.  What many do not know is that many teachers say and even advertise that they are "_________" teachers.  But then you find out that this means they use the music books but either are not trained to teach the system or were trained, but choose to do things their own way.

Arthur Murray created a system of teaching dancing by having the steps printed on large pieces of paper and pelple learned to dance using these pieces of paper.  But there was much more to it, training that he did with his teachers where they learned to teach people how to use these step drawings and become grafeful dancers.

Please check our certification page.  We want you to learn to read music and to be able to have proficiency at playing a keyboartd to give you the foundation, if you are a beginner, or improve your abilities if you already play. Certified teachers are trained to make this happen.\

If you have questions, please contact us.

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