A New Catholic Choirbook 


"35 anthems for the price of 4 or 5 individual anthems?  This is a no-brainer decision and a good use of church money."

"Thank you for this wonderful work, Catholic music for Catholic choirs."

"This book has most of the music that formed the core of our schola's repertoire in its early years. It will a great help to any choir getting off the ground. Most of the music that has been tested as singable, beautiful, and manageable is right here between two covers. Excellent editing too: this book will save hours, days, and weeks in hunting through catalogs and links."

"Can't wait to order book 2."

"Photocopying copyrighted music is illegal but music is hard to find
and expensive to purchase.  Many Catholic church musicians, many of them unpaid and without music budgets are forced to stoop to making illegal copies, just to be able to do their jobs."
- this is so true! Thanks for a book that lets us make legal copies.

The Mass began and the choir, a rather large one, sang.  But they never sang by themselves. They are between choir directors so I think that they were not quite sure what to sing aside from the music for the congregation.

Years ago this was not a problem, since the St. Gregory Hymnal and Choir Book had music for the congregation plus a section of choir music.  If the choir director didn't show up you turned to the Adoramus Te, the O Sacrum Convivium or O Bone Jesu by composers the stature of Palestrina and Dubois, and you sang them.  Many members could sing them from memory. The St. Gregory Hymnal And Choir Book was a great resource for the parish Catholic church.

Benedict XVI has brought attention to the pressing need to follow the documents of the church and sing Gregorian Chant and polyphony of Palestrina and other great composers.

But there are few, if any, Catholic Choir Books today that contain this music readily available for choirs to sing from. Our new series we anticipate will fill a need by combining well-loved hymns with great music, all of it eminently suited for the Catholic Church.  Best-lovedd selections from the St. Gregory Hymnal and Choir Book are included.  The texts are balanced between English and Latin.

Why purchase? It is less expensive for us to print and ship these to you than copying and binding them yourselves...and we make a bit of profit, which supports the project for all of those choirs who have no money to buy music  Those who choose to download have the option of making a donation only if they are able.

Why free?  We want choirs to be prominent in the Catholic Church once again and they need good music to make this possible.   Please download the book and copy from it and share it with everyone you know.  It is legal, you have our permission to do this and we encourage you to do this.  There are English language Catholic congregations around the world who do not have access to affordable music for their choirs.  Making this available as a download gets this music into their choir lofts and the hearts of their people.


Noel Jones, AAGO

Creative Director