Thanks to all who help to make this hymnal as accurate as possible.  Your help is appreciated.

All seems....accurate

It is a humiliating experience to edit anything.  And it reaches the point where an errant hyphen can cause sleepless night.  At this point the hymnals, all of them, are pretty error free.  But we still welcome notices of anything you might come across.

I spent a few hours trying to understand some C Flats that HAD to be wrong notes. And then realized they were not....thanks to all.


It has been noted that  Hymn 5 lists Orland Gibbons, rather than Orlando...future editions will carry that correction. Hymn 30, 10th measure add a flat to the soprano D.

Errors 1

Hymn 36 Page 2  Hymn 24 Page 2

These pages may not be complete in the earliest edition.  Download the complete pages 36.2 and 24.2 by clicking on the page numbers.

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