Can I photocopy the hymns from here and use them?

Almost all the hymns and their harmonizations are in the public domain, which means that no one can claim to own them anymore.  There are a few that have been written and harmonized by our staff but we give you permission to copy them as well, so all hymns on our site are legal downloads.


We are planning a Novena To Mary with Benediction. Do we need to buy your Anthology that contains Benediction to do this?

No, just download our free Benediction Sheet

Why are the words for the O Salutaris and Tantum Ergo only in Latin?

Church documents seem to indicate that the vernacular was not permitted in all liturgical celebrations, with Benediction being one of them.


Why are Mother Dearest, Mother Dear, O Pray for Me and Bring Flowers of the Fairest in the book twice?

Other hymns in all of our books are in multiple versions because they were sung to different melodies in different areas.  These three hymns were scored for two parts with what is called an Alberti Bass in the left hand.  We have rescored them for SATB so they may be played and sung like regular hymns if you like.


I think I have found a mistake?

If so, and this does happen, please go to our ERRATA page and email us from there.  We appreciate your help!

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