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Full In The Panting Heart Of Rome

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An Army of Youth - For Christ The King - Fr. Daniel Lord

This one was easier to find than most! - Noel


May is the Month of Our Mother

"May is the month of Mary, the month we all love so well, Mary is God's own mother..."

Mother Beloved

I need the sheet music for our choir.  Have had recent requests for playing/singing at Funerals.  It is by Daniel
Lord and I have searched everywhere for it.


My parent are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary and this song was
sung at their wedding and we are looking for words and music.  

 or mail to: The Catholic Hymnal, 201 Cty. Rd., Englewood, TN 37329

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Maiden Mother, Meek and Mild


Maiden Mother, meek and mild

Take, Oh take me for thy child.

All my life, Oh, let it be

My best joy to think of thee


Ch:       When my eyes are closed in sleep

            Through the night my slumbers keep

            Make my latest thoughts to be

            How to love thy Son and Thee.


Teach me when the sunbeam bright

Calls me with its golden light

How my waking thoughts may be

Turned to Jesus and to Thee

Tis' The Month Of Our Mother

"We would like to sing this at our daily masses.  Do you have the words and music?"

The most popular one is: Tis' The Month Of Our Mother

Here's one hymn that uses the phrase as well: The Sun Is Shining Brightly


Lady of Fatima, Lady of Light! Shine on our pathway....

I was taught by the Sisters of Mercy who originally were an Irish order.  The school was St. Mary's in Norwich, CT, which has been closed for a long time.  I'm still in touch with my eighth grade teacher from 1963, so maybe I can ask her if she has any ideas how to get a copy of it. They have a retirement home for the nuns in West Hartford.  Maybe someone there has an old hymnal.
It goes" Lady of Fatima, Lady of light, shine on our pathways through earths darksome plight!
Shield us in battle, rancor bid cease; Lady of Fatima grant us world peace, Lady of Fatima grant us world peace!"
It would be a great song for today!  My parish just had a visit with one of the 4 international statues of Our Lady of Fatima, and it would have been nice to be able to have everyone sing that beautiful hymn.  Our Ladies Guild is also devoted to Our Lady of Fatima; I want to teach them the song."

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