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All plants at The Greenhouse at Morgan Lane are organically raised on the 40 plus acre family farm at 2214 Columbus Road, Delano,Tennessee, 37325-7607.

Georgia Denman, the owner, has had an interest in growing herbs and growing organically, for almost forty years.  Also, an interest in creative recycling.

 Her grandparents had a large backyard vegetable garden and chickens in Connecticut, where she grew up.  Pop-Pop George used to dig huge pits in the sandy soil, to amend the soil with kitchen scraps.  Her parents composted and her father designed several landscapes.

Georgia has played “Johnny Appleseed” and has left land healthier and prettier in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Iowa and Tennessee. 

The Greenhouse was built on the farm in Tennessee in 2001.  The greenhouse itself is a recycled frame, with parts of the previous greenhouse being recycled also, including the fan, tables and racks. 

It does have new plastic covering and shade cloth and a new heater and system controls.

To see photos of the recycling and rebuilding projects, please click on the photo gallery. 

With husband, John, and various helpers, they rescued and rehabbed electric company wire spools as tables for the plants and various pots. The previous wall tables became freestanding tables, that have recently been reinforced for further years of use.  They also designed 4’ square planter boxes to start seedlings, and grow herbs and vegetables throughout the Winter.  Culinary herbs are available all year long. The boxes are set on frames high enough for handicapped access if necessary.  This also aids in the planting and weeding, and harvesting. Recently, the boxes have been refurbished and replaced as necessary with different trial systems for the planters. 

They also have recycled an out-dated hospital steel whirlpool tub for a deep growing environment.  Currently it is planted with Greek Oregano, one of three varieties of Oregano grown at the Greenhouse.  The others are: Common and Cuban, with both green and variegated leaves.

For the past two growing seasons, the Greenhouse and gardens have been tended by their middle daughter, Caitrin, with various family and non-family helpers.  The Denmans have four grand-children who all know how to carefully water the Greenhouse by hand, with the appropriate amount of water and spray for each table and box.

The mixed border along the driveway to the Antique Shop and Annex is full of plants grown and sold from the Greenhouse, including Perennials and Annuals, Herbs and Vegetables.  The Denmans try to have unusual and interesting plants that can’t commonly be found in big box stores.  The scents and textures are ever-changing seasonally and provide on site examples of how to incorporate Herbs and Vegetable plants in to a mixed border.

Around the Annex building for the Antique Shop is a wide border of Annual Vegetables and Herbs, including several varieties of Basil; Exotic Eggplants; various Pepper varieties; and Gourmet varieties of salad size Tomatoes.

In front of the Antique Shop is a wide garden with examples of Perennial Herbs such as: Bronze Fennel; Catmint; Daisies; Echinacea; Lavenders; Rosemary and Salad Burnet.

The Denmans belong to Slow Food, USA, a movement started in Italy in the 1980s in response to fast food restaurants becoming more prominent internationally.  The concept of Slow Food does not require lengthy cooking times to be healthy and nutritious.

Georgia also belongs to The Herb Society of America and other industry groups.

The Greenhouse and Shops are open year-round, Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 am until 4:00 pm; and extended hours during special events at the Farm.  Groups are welcome, preferably with notice. 

2214 Columbus Road
Delano, Tennessee 37325-7607 
423 263-0824 



All photos by Elizabeth L. D. McGee, Images & Memories.