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Two Voss Violins being built here in our shop.

VossViolinsis an old-world traditional violin-making shop located in downtown, Atlanta, Georgia.

Stephanie Voss, from Hamburg, Germany, attended theMittenwald, Germanyschool of violin making and upon graduation in February of 1994 then moved to the United States to build her career as a violin maker.

Our unique shop builds and sells our own violins, violas and cellos and also as maintains aninventory of newandused instrumentsfor students and professionals, priced accordingly. Weconsidertrade-ins, and have a trade-in program on bows and instrument you purchase from us.Rentals are also available.

Youwill find that we take pride in building our own instruments,crafted entirely in our shop byStephanie Voss. Built from hand-picked seasoned woods chosen from spruce, maple, willow and more that will best serve you as your musical partner.Yournew Voss instrument is thenpaired up with varnish that we mix and color to your satisfaction, creating a one-of-a-kind instrument for you.

Our New Voss Short-Scale Cello

Over the course of the past 30 years in violin making and restoration I have come across a large number of pre-18th-century violins, violas and celli that did not abide by the modern standard of stop length and neck length, which in combination determine the playing string length of a given instrument.

The older the instruments and the more prominent the maker, the more arbitrary the string length seemed to be.

Looking at the Brescian makers and specifically at the viola, I have seen vastly different sizes, yet one thing many Brescian violas have in common is a fairly short string length. This makes those instruments much easier to play since the spread of 1st to 4th finger is not as large as it would be with a longer string length.


We also shop finish instruments from Germany,built for us by Heinz Fischbach of Ohlstadt, Bavaria, Germany.

Heinz Fischbach instrumentsare made of European poplar, tops are made of beautiful alpine spruce. The neck is made of maple. They arrive here in the white (bare wood), we then take time to custom finish the instruments here using our own recipe self-made oil varnish.

You may enjoy trying out bows, new and used, from our collection.

We are pleased to be located in a community with a diverse population of string players, performing early music on viols, baroque music on instruments with baroque-style fittings as well as symphonic players and popular, country, bluegrass and jazz players and welcome all to our shop to inspect our instruments as well as for routine maintenance and even major repairs on instruments as needed.

Not satisfied with just building historic copies of instruments and our own designs, we are continually studying and evaluating string instruments and as a result now are offering a new Short-Scale Voss Cello.

The Sound of Voss Strings
CellistAnnie Camp performing on a Voss Cello -Clickhereto listen to BachSuite Movements

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