A Catholic Organist’s Books of Hymns

Ten Reasons to subscribe to buy this book.

1. Large type makes it easy to read in dim choir lofts.
2. Can be played from an iPad, tablet or printed out on paper.
3. Three part hymns are easier to play and build confidence.
4. Chorale Preludes on each hymn introduce hymns to the people.
5. Stop registrations included for your organ.
6. The music is written out as organ music instead of hymn for singing.
7. Perfect book for pianists who suddenly need to play the organ.
8. Hymns are found in St. Michael’s, Adoramus and other favorite hymnals.
9. Playing hymns will not be boring for you anymore.
10. People will begin to listen to you and the organ and sing better.


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We have a small inventory of ththe Second Edition edition that has a standard perfect binding, not spiral bound.

The price, with shipping to you in the USA is only $16 plus $7 shipping  while they last.

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Second Edition now in Print

Both Liturgical Year Books 1 & 2  now combined in One Book

Priced at $39.95

Spiral Bound

Improved indexing by Tune Name and by Common Hymn Names

A Catholic Organist’s Book of Hymns  2nd Edition

NPM Magazine Review
Henry Gaida 

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