A Gregorian Chant Coloring Book for Children & Adults • Teacher's Edition in Full Color

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This book is printed in color as a guide to teachers using the method, and includes teacher’s notes.

The staff, clefs, notes and more about chant are presented in an innovative manner that builds on the fact that at one time the Gregorian Chant music staff of four lines was drawn using green ink for DO and red ink for FA. Expanding this idea to include clefs and notes, while coloring students of chant learn how to read and sing chant with the half-steps of the chant scales firmly visualized, making the transition to reading chant from books printed in black ink very easy.All the books by Basic Chant use very large notes for chant since this was how they were created and used by singers for hundreds of years as singers grouped around one large book to sing. The notes and signs of chant can be hard to read in modern printed books but after learning them in large form, it becomes much easier to sing them from modern editions.